Zombeavers, B-Movie Zombie Beaver Madness…

From the producers of Cabin Fever, The Ring and American Pie comes a movie so outrageously scary that it may convince you to never venture into the woods.

Zombeavers will not only scary your pants off but it also demonstrates that the living dead as a condition is not restricted to recently deceased humans, in fact zombie beavers may be far more dangerous. Have you seen the teeth on them, and they love wood especially cabin wood.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the trailer for the latest must see B-movie classic. Sit back, relax and make sure to stay out of the water.

The next level of zombie horror approaches and this one has more gratuitous beaver shots than all three of the Porkies films put together.

The story, as if it matters, follows a group of teenagers who head to the country for a sexy break from the rigours of teenage life. All seems to be going swimmingly until the bucked tooth zombeavers turn their attention to devouring delicious brains.

Zombeavers is currently being screened at the Berlin Film Festival; the producers are seeking worldwide distribution to allow the horror of the zombeavers to spread around the globe.

Can a B-Movie ever be too B? The popularity of the latest B phenomenon Zombeavers suggests there is no B limit.

Buddha’s Brother out…