It Wasn’t Video That Killed the Radio Star, it was Television, YouTube Television…

Google has been very busy of late, it takes a lot of work to prepare for a Television Revolution, are you ready for YouTube TV. As more and more people use the internet for their video content this may turn out to be a very clever idea.

On the content side Google’s is rumoured to have dedicated $100million – 20 x $5million celebrities and their show, logical since Celebrities + YouTube = ad space -. By packaging its original content into channels YouTube hopes to compete with broadcast and cable tv. YouTube will be offering 20 channels initially, shows will be professionally produced through YouTube’s partners and at their studios. Changes to homepage will be made to allow channel highlights and will start to appear towards the end of the year. YouTube Live is already available in public beta, it allows YouTube’s partners to stream video live. Nothing ground breaking but it does show that everything is in place to start streaming, YouTube Live here. Live has already established itself as the go to point for breaking news.

So far the Internet and Television have been through 2 generations and YouTubeTV will see the start of the third generation. The first generation of Internet TV was the old browser on the TV with the internet in its native form. Problems with flash compatibility and screen clarity always dogged this early attempt. The second generation of Internet TV was the software plug-in generation. Software run’s on the TV or display device that connects to the internet for its data, Facebook is a classic 2nd gen application. Most new TV’s are now able to run various social media sites in this way. The third generation Internet TV will be the channel revolution. 24hour programming produced and delivered over the internet.

YouTube is going through a major revamp at the moment. YouTube Live is a part of this, more changes are being made to YouTube’s home page and it will make the new Channel YouTube strategy obvious. The amount and quality of the content available will go a long way to their success, they obviously have the technology and know-how to do it.