Yes Please Samsung, S-PLS Monitors for the Masses…

The current King of Über computer monitor technology, the IPS panel has a new challenger. This new young upstart from Samsung is taking the fight to the King.

Samsung has announced the latest additions to its SyncMaster family of monitors, featuring new S-PLS – Plane to Line Switching – technology. Similar to other types of IPS – In-Plane Switching – displays the Samsung variant offers much better viewing angles and brightness. Three models have been announced, the S24A350T, S24A650 and S27A850. More than just the introduction of three new models Samsung has standardized next generation monitor technology, opening the way for Samsungs new S-PLS technology to become standard for affordable computer monitors.

The new SyncMaster monitors are based on Samsungs version of IPS, S-PLS. Previously only used in Samsungs killer little table the Galaxy 10.1 Tab, this is next the generation of LCD. Samsung has also tried to optimize S-PLS for mass produced monitors, at 15% cheaper to produce than other IPS panels Samsung’s hard work is paying off.

The three models announced includes two 24″ – S24A350T, S24A650 – monitors and a 27″ model. All three feature 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, vivid resolution and eco-friendliness power profiles. The 27″ S27A850 offers the extended resolution of 2560×1440, as opposed to 1920 x 1080 resolution used by the two smaller monitors. The monitor stand is professional grade allowing landscape or portrait orientation as well as the usual tilt and swivel.

The new S-Series monitors are aimed at professional users who require accurate colours from all viewing angles. Prices and availability have yet to be announced. As various IPS technologies start to compete to become the new standard, we will all be the winners, long live the new king.

Further information at Samsung, SamsungTomorrow

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