Yahoo Axis, Trying Something Different…

Yahoo the one-time Internet behemoth is trying something different, attempting to drag the world of search into the future. Axis is Yahoo’s new face of search, a graphic interface for your search results, and bookmarks. Available via plug-ins for all browsers or as a free application for mobile devices Yahoo hopes for a visual future, shared across all devices.

Axis raises interesting arguments for a new interface for the web. Arguments shared by such competitors as StumpleUpon and DiggIt. With Axis the visual search results are combined with visual bookmarks to produce a very Windows 8 like experience, live tiles instead of hyperlink text.

Getting started is simple, sign in, which can be done via your Yahoo, Facebook or Google accounts, and start bookmarking. Currently bookmarks can be emailed to friends but no links to social media sites have been established, yet.

On smartphones and tablets the app is a fully fledged browser designed to replace your current mobile browser. While on the desktop it works as a plug-in.

This is early days for Axis, lets hope Yahoo continues it’s development, Highpants would like to suggest a Facebook plug-in. Though we won’t be changing our browsing techniques just yet Axis does offer a useful option in this multi-device world. Is this a sign that the sleeping giant Yahoo is finally waking up?

Reference: Yahoo Axis