The Xbox One Mystery, Consoles Continue to Turn Themselves On at Aaron Pauls Command…

Xbox One’s around the world have begun automatically activating themselves, like an army of rebellious robots these consoles have seemingly developed a mind of their own.

As the phenomenon started to flood social media earlier this week observant Xbox owners noticed that it seemed to occur during the new Xbox commercial. An interesting coincidence or strange marketing ploy many asked.

The commercial features Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul who seems to be able to activate Xbox’s at will when he utters the words ‘Xbox On’ during the commercial. The phenomenon doesn’t seem to affect all Xbox’s however.

highpants-xbox-one-mystery-blip3Here at Highpants we suspect anyone with a similar voice to the actors may see the console spring to life unexpectedly. The fact that a large number people are experiencing the robot revolution might suggest the actor has a very common voice, or there is a problem with the Xbox’s voice recognition.

The commercial is now causing so much frustration for owners of the One with many being forced to get off their couches. In all seriousness many are now resorting to turning off the Kinect which is responsible for voice recognition and spying on you.

Microsoft is said to be investigating the strange behaviour but has no comment at this time. Sounds like a new game is taking shape, unusual ways to start an Xbox’s anyone??