WTF Was That? Are Tactical Nukes Being Used in the Middle East and Ukraine?

With wars raging in many parts of the world large explosions are bound to be seen from time to time but there have been a number of explosions recently that have had many people wondering WTF was that? Explosions so large that you they could well be tactical nuclear weapons.

May 2015, Yemeni capitol Sana’a experiences an explosion that shatters windows for miles around and throws up a burning mushroom cloud. The explosion was quickly passed off by many as a direct hit on a weapons cache but this was disputed by the locals. Full article here.

The far more likely explanation for the Yemeni incident is that a bunker buster tactical nuke was used as there is an initial explosion when the missile hits that’s designed to penetrate the ground. Then a secondary explosion that creates the mushroom cloud and destroys whatever is under the ground. Not only does it mushroom but a flash of proton bombardment can be seen after the blast. Also in the first video you’ll notice lots of white specs in the footage, this is not debris it is the radiation (Neutrons) from the blast hitting the CCD of the camera. The same effects can be seen in footage from Fukushima and the American nuclear tests during the 50’s.

Highpants-Yemen-Kaboom-Tactical-Nuke-002Tactical nuclear weapons are designed for use on the battlefield, these are not a deterrent weapon of mutual destruction like their big brothers. While tactical nukes have existed since the sixties, the Davy Crocket nuclear bazooka was just one example, no country in the world has ever used them, officially in any case.

Presented for your consideration are videos that seem to suggest that nuclear weapons are in use in a number of places around the world. Do not sit back relax or get comfortable, this is serious mom. A situation that raises the interesting secondary question of why none of this has made it onto mainstream media, even if to discredit and lampoon the possibility.

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