WTF! Real Live Zombie or Just Plain Crazy?

Strange videos appear at an incredible pace on the internet but from time to time something appears that must be categorized as highly strange. In these times of high strangeness this one may just take the cake.

In the video a suspect is being pursued by dozens of officers. After shooting a California Highway Patrolman during a routine traffic stop in West Covina California the suspect was shot multiple times before taking off in his SUV and initiating the pursuit.  More shots were fired at the suspect during the pursuit but all to no avail.

About 30 seconds into the video the strangeness continues to accelerate. Ending the chase by driving into a dirt field, and parking, the suspect appears out of his shot up SUV and is as grey as a ghost, blood loss? He eerily resembles a zombie with an unhealthy dose of corpse face and blood absolutely everywhere.

The strangeness of the video continues to the apprehension of the surrounding police who maintain a cordon around the suspect as if he has Ebola.  Dozens of officers surround the situation but all keep their distance, and then the dog is sent in. Remember this guy has been shot multiple times and now a dog is ripping large chunks of his thigh out and there is not even a whimper heard, not a cry out in pain. Adding it all up makes this the WTF moment of the week, and it’s been one strange week.

Little is known of the suspect at this time but SureNews is reporting that the officer shot in the original traffic stop will make a full recover with the bullet just grazing his head.

So was this a real live Zombie caught in action or yet another example of bath salt madness or ice psychosis? Something highly strange or everyday life in a a very strange world, a world gone mad.

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