Worlds Simplest Electric Train is Just Too Cool…

Sometimes in life the simplest things are the most incredible; take for example the world’s simplest electric train which consists of dry cell battery, a coil of copper wire and some powerful magnets. Ingredients that produce an incredibly simple form of locomotion as demonstrated by YouTube channel AmazingScience.

The train itself is propelled by the magnetic field generated by the electricity passing from the battery through the magnets and to the copper wire. This field then acts upon the poles of the magnets which are attracted in and repelled out of the magnetic field created as the permanent magnets touch each coil of the wire.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the incredibly simple electromagnetic train, an experiment that anyone can try and will amaze everyone who watches it. Be assured this is no fake trickery, just plain old physics in action. Sit back, relax and be sure you’ve bought a ticket to ride the World’s Simplest Electric Train.

Reference: AmazingScience