The World’s Largest Walking Robot is a Kick-Ass Dragon…

While robots are most often designed and constructed with a futuristic science fiction inspired look they can in fact look like anything we want them to, including Dragons! In fact the world’s largest walking robot is the Tradinno, a fire breathing dragon that’s over 8 meters tall, 17 meters long and has been known to make many a man soil his pants.

Built by German company Zollner Elektronix AG the life of an amusement park attraction in Berlin Germany is no captive nightmare. Instead Tradinno makes appearances in parades and festivals, especially the medieval kind, and spends much of his day scaring tourists and amusing children with blasts of his fiery breath.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the current heavy weight world record holding robot in leathery skin. Sit back relax and enjoy the amazing Tradinno, the world’s largest and a possible contender for the coolest robot ever. Sit back, relax and remember to be careful when facing the fiery end of a dragon.

Reference: Guinness World Records