World’s Fastest Pram, MegaPram a Colin Furze Special…

World Record holder, TV hosts and new father Colin Furze continues his World Record ways with the new title of the World’s Fastest Pram. With more power than a Honda Cub and faster acceleration than a pack of Huskies the Mega Pram is a purpose built machine, built solely for taking the World Record.

Colin took the record on the 10th of October, in the process creating the hilarious video featured below. Able to complete a 30 minute stroll in under a minute, the MegaPram may be the perfect solution for a busy world. Now if someone can get the dog to wear roller skates we’ll have a winner.

Colin has over the years built quite a name for himself on YouTube with his mechanized creations and hilarious tunts. He even credits his online following for landing him his spot on the Sky1 tv show Gadget Geeks. Colins currently holds the record for the World’s Largest Bon Fire, Longest Motorcycle, Worlds Fastest Stroller and his infamous World’s Fastest Mobility Scooter.

A compulsion to motorize everything with wheels combined with a passion for setting World Records leads to many of Colins moments of hilarious insanity. His latest motorized masterpiece ‘The MegaPram ‘ is in fact the logical outcome for a man with the above mentioned passion and compulsion about to enter fatherhood. Under such circumstances it’s a natural outcome.

Constructing vehicles that break speed records however doesn’t usually begin with a three wheeled pram, in this case though this is exactly where Colin began. According to his website what appeared initially to be a simple build was complicated by a tricky steering and control system along with trying to keep the Guinness people happy, spanners were thrown in works apparently.

The MegaPram is powered by a 125cc motorbike engine that uses all 10bhp to accelerate to the top speed of 80kph (50mph). The engine is mounted low between the back wheels along with a four speed gearbox that has been included to allow hill climbs and better acceleration.

Like a silver bullet blasting down the street the MegaPram is loud, almost loud enough to drown out the screams of the prams passenger. Colin does go to great lengths to explain that the MegaPram is purpose built for record breaking, he has never and would never carry his son in the pram, somebody else’s baby now that’s another story.

With another World Record under his belt, the Mega Pram parked and a new son Jake, Colin is setting off on a new adventure, fatherhood. Hang on tight.

Reference: Colin Furze