The World’s Best Trampoline Tricks…

Most people at some stage of their lives have experienced the pure joy and freedom of playing on a trampoline. The ability of a springy piece of rubberized nylon to install the feeling of zero g’s for but a moment is an incredible thing.

Devin Super Tramp and his team of gymnastic tramps know this feeling well as is demonstrated in their latest action video ‘The World’s Best Trampoline Tricks’. Shot in all of the spectacular glory of 4k and with high frame rates allowing super smooth and clean slow motion just watching them instills a feeling of gravity defiance.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the spectacular trampoline antics of amazingly talented people, people that really do seem to be able to defy gravity. Sit back, relax and remember the couch doesn’t have the same amount of bounce and these are trained professionals.

Reference: DevinSuperTramp