Why the English Language is Hilarious.

The English language is a mine field of logical rules that are then overlayed with seemingly nonsensical rules. Of course there is only one language that is free of these confusing rules but most people struggle to understand binary let alone speaking or writing with zeros and ones.

Hilarious YouTuber GradeAUnderA has recently released (explicit language) his take on the English alphabet and why he believes it is stupid along with ways that he thinks it should be improved. Not as eloquent as it is hilarious GradeA does have some interesting points none the less.

Also helping to demonstrate how hilarious the English language can be is the Americanish Girl, Pupinia Stewert. While there is much debate as to whether Pupinia is being serious or simply winding up the internet there can be no doubting she is hilarious. Whether it be her confusion of who speaks which language, imperial measurements or the difference between incense and incest the Americanish Girl is a hoot. Although she may single handily be destroying the English language but as GradeA suggests it may be time for an overhaul anyway.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the latest chuckle generating English language related videos, please be sure to take a healthy grain of salt with each. Sit back relax and be sure to have your laughing pants on, intense laugh out loud moments may destroy any normal pant types.

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