When Advertising Goes Bad, Samsung and the Worst Ad in History…

Reddit has finally proven its worth by protecting the world from a commercial so bad that it caused a backlash before release to the public.

Samsung assembled this hilariously bad collection of poorly imagined stereo-types in order to sell their ridiculously easy to install SSD, the 840 EVO. So easy to install that a housewife could perform the upgrade, in-between doing her chores of course, according to Samsung’s entry into the Worst Ad in History competition.

The product was always going to be a hard sell, trying to convince the world that it could do its own SSD upgrades? A beautiful dream but I would hate to be the helpline worker when things go wrong.

Highpants-ad-gone-bad-samsung-840-EVO-SSD-2Keep in mind this is a commercial so bad that you will now never see it at a family friendly time slot. After a brief outing on YouTube Samsung became aware of the caning it was receiving on Redit, the commercial was resolutely hounded into submission. Quickly taken down and returned to the drawing board within 24 hours the commercial may have set the record for the quickest take down of a non-R rated video.

Samsung is now stating that the commercial was developed for training purposes only, and was never designed for public consumption. Which when put through Google Translates PR speak to English function converts to ‘this is an ad so bad that it will now only be shown as a how not to video for new marketing employees.’

While around the web many will be discussing the inappropriate stereotypes here at Highpants we love hilarious stereotypes, but only when used responsibly of course. Which is where we believe Samsung failed completely, if they had gone for the laughs this may have been the video of the year, mind you it could have turned out much worse.

Hopefully this tale of missed opportunity will have shown Samsung the way, the use of such powerful images should be left to the comedy professionals of the world. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Jerry Seinfeld or Jerry Springer, now if those two could upgrade an SSD anyone could.

Reference: VR-Zone