Most Wanted Trailer #1, Producing Movies with GTA 5…

Can a trailer exist without a film? The surprising answer to this question is Yes! Take for example the recently released video ‘Most Wanted Trailer #1’ by Commandoflauge and his merry band of gamers. A trailer that was created for a movie that doesn’t exist. A trailer that’s so damn good it may soon become a web series if the video receives enough support, so get Liking, Subscribing and Retweeting if you love it.

Having put their many years of gaming experience to good use Cammandoflauge and friends used GTA 5 to produce one bad ass video. Take a look Hollywood your biggest threat isn’t piracy, your biggest threat is Machinima. The trailer itself was a one off creation designed to test the world’s reaction to this story idea, and the world has reacted with two massive thumbs up. If you haven’t seen the video yet check it out and like, subscribe or generally just support the very creative gamers behind it. A big ‘take that’ to all those parents who said gaming was a waste of time, ha.

Highpants-MostWantedTrailer2Technically the process used to create the superb trailer is called Machinima, the art of using a games real time graphics engine to produce computer animation. As an art form Machinima started in the 90’s demo scene and quickly spread to Quake and beyond.

The graphics of today’s modern games, especially the massive open worlds of games such as GTA 5 now allows Machinimators to produce extremely impressive results that are beginning to approaching the work of massive teams of 3D animators as used by the big movie studios.

Typically when creating a movie using a video game each of the characters is being controlled by a player in real time, the more characters you have in a scene the more hands on deck you need. With games that allow scene scripting a fine grain level of control is provided which is able to give Machinimators precise control over each scene. Even in this case though players are often still required to control the characters, a task that requires only the skills honed during hours at the controller. Think of each player as a puppet master.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest and one of the finest examples of Machinima to hit the internet, turning a video game into a piece of movie production software through sheer force of will and creativity. Sit back, relax and make sure your popcorn supply is fully replenished.

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