The Walking Dead Drunk Edition Versus Game of Thrones Goat Edition, Hilarious.

With the return of the Walking Dead only a week away it is time to get in the zombie mood with a little Walking Dead hilarity. YouTube funny man Marca Blanca has put his video mixing skills to good use creating the real life walking dead tribute, and the resemblance is striking.

While Game of Thrones fans await the 8th season of the popular season Blanca can also help to tide you over with the Game of Goats. With the now famous theme song of the series recited by screaming goats at least the wait for the next series can be an amusing pause.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the videos that will help us get through the hiatus. Which video contains the most hilarity may be down to which series you like the most, but you can be certain that both will amuse while providing a quick reminisce. Sit back relax and prepare to laugh at screaming goats and stumble drunk zombies.

Reference: Marca Blance (YouTube)