ViewSonic’s Value IPS Panel, The VX2336s-LED…

ViewSonic, makers of much value oriented hardware have entered the IPS market. A sign that IPS panels are at last taking over the monitor market this is a value oriented IPS panel for the masses. Priced at $185 USD for a 23″ IPS this is one of the cheapest IPS monitor on the market. Dell is also shooting for this market with the recent discount of their 23″ IPS to $229 USD, also an excellent value monitor. ViewSonic’s new baby isn’t the most feature rich panel on the market but it is the perfect monitor for those simply looking for a good quality picture to add to their PC or PowerMac.

While new ViewSonic panel doesn’t represent the top end of the monitor market it does bring all of the advantages of IPS panels to the lower end of the market. In this case the advantages include wide viewing angles with-out loss of picture quality, better colour reproduction, true blacks and much higher contrast ratios. All things that typical TN LCD’s of the past have struggled with.

TN – Twisted nematic – is the traditional LCD technology used by monitors for the last decade. IPS is the new kid on the block that is now taking over the market. ViewSonic calls its take on IPS SuperClear IPS technology. IPS – In Plane Switching – is in essence the same technology as tradition LCD Panels, they are even made in the same factories. The difference comes from the alignment of the LCD crystals, the crystal molecules in an IPS panel move parallel to the panel plane instead of the TN technique where the crystals move perpendicular to it. It doesn’t sound like a big difference but the proof is in the picture.

As you might expect from a budget minded monitor the VX2336s is a bit light on when it comes to advanced features. There is no HDMI, no speakers and no super slim bezel. Although the stand offers 20 to -5 degrees tilt and that’s it for features. Other than that it’s just a standard low end monitor with a superb picture.

The grey to grey response time is rated at 6ms while the black to white to black time is rated at 14ms. Not as fast as many cheaper TN LCD’s but still fast enough for watching videos, playing games and general plodding around the web. It’s when your editing photo’s or video that you will really appreciate the difference. With rich colors and deep blacks these are a must have technology for anyone who enjoys a multimedia lifestyle.

By no means is this competition for the top end IPS panels from the likes of HP, Dell and Samsung but it is a whole new level of quality for the lower end of the LCD monitor market as you can pick one up for $180 USD, which makes it one of the cheapest 23-inch IPS panels currently on sale.

It looks like the future of LCD monitors has finally arrived. IPS panels are now available at all price points and from every monitor retailer. If you’re in the market for a new LCD monitor find an IPS panel on display at your local retailer and you will be pleasantly surprised. In the next few years expect TN technology to be completely phased out, long live the new king of LCD, IPS.

Source: Viewsonic

LCD Panel Specifications

  • Type: 23″ Wide
  • Display Area: 23 inch
  • True Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 (typ), 20,000,000 : 1 (max)
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m2 (typ)
  • Viewing Angle: 178° (H), 178° (V)
  • Response Time: 6ms (GTGbw)
  • Panel Surface: Anti-Glare type, Hardness 3H
  • Connector : Analogue 15-pin mini D-sub *1, Digital DVI-D