Updated. Roswell on The Sea Floor, A Second Object Found

CNN is reporting that the Peter Lindberg and his team of treasure hunters – The Ocean Explorer team – have found a second unexplained object on the floor of the Baltic sea.

After discovering the initial object in June the team had to wait out winter before returning to the site for further exploration. The original object found by the explorers bore an extraordinary resemblance to the Millennium Falcon, even more astounding was what appeared to be a large tail fin on the craft and crash trail some 400 meters long leading to the craft and its resting place.

“I have been doing this for nearly 20 years so I have a seen a few objects on the bottom, but nothing like this,” said Lindberg.

With a side scan radar sub in tow they peered in to the murky depths once again, and lucked upon a second unusual object. The second find is somewhat smaller but is also circular and not easily explained. Resting some 200 meters from the original find it is unknown if the two are connected. Lindberg believes the objects are too large to be part of a ship wreck or to have fallen off a ship. “We’ve heard lots of different kinds of explanations, from George Lucas’s spaceship — the Millennium Falcon — to ‘it’s some kind of plug to the inner world. But we won’t know until we have been down there,” said Lindberg.

The Baltic Sea is one of the more dangerous stretches of water in the world, with a habit of swallowing ships whole, it is littered with shipwrecks and treasures. There are estimated to be over 20,000 objects wresting under 300 meters of water. Sir Francis Drake’s treasure is thought to be the there, somewhere.

Exploring the seas floor is an expensive and risky business. Millions of dollars of equipment and long slow methodical searches of the sea are required to have a chance at success. The team have had a number of successes in the past with vintage champagne, silver and other booty recovered.

To further explore the Millennium Falcon site the team are seeking funding, maybe they should consider a kick-starter project for this one. To properly answer the question of what the hell it is down there the team need to actually eye ball the object, send down divers for a hands on. Let’s hope they have a chance to solve this most unusual mystery in the near future.

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Shipwreck Hunters Find Second ‘UFO’ on Ocean Floor, Divers to Visit Soon

Source: CNN