Unexplained Footage: The Time Traveler in 1928…

Walking and talking on your mobile phone, a modern pre-occupation in a connected world.  The world in 1928 however was a very different place, a mobile phone free world. That is except for one time traveler from the future.

Captured during the filming of promotional footage for Charlie Chaplin’s brand new film (at the time) ‘The Circus’ is a mystery lady that seems to be walking and talking on her mobile phone. Dressed to match the period everything in the scene is pure 1920’s except for a single arm bent holding what appears to be a mobile phone.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is footage of the 1920’s time traveler, captured on film walking and talking on a mobile phone.

Charlie Chaplin says ‘What?’

This most unusual footage is part of the promotional material for Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 film ‘The Circus’. The footage was first discovered by film buff George Clarke in the extras section of the films box set.

Captured during the premiere of ‘The Circus’ in 1928 at the already famous Manns Chinese Theatre, members of the public can be seen attending the big night, in an age old marketing tradition. Amongst this random assortment of Joe Public is our time traveling lady.

Many possible explanations have been suggested by skeptics, including schizophrenia, listening to a radio or simply trying to hide from the camera. None of the common explanations however can explain why she is seemingly talking into her hand. Which leads to the final write-it-off excuses, the film has been tampered with by Clarke or we are simply seeing what is now common.

Whatever the explanation this mysterious piece of footage has captured our imaginations, along with something highly unusual. Who was that time traveler lady and where or when is she from?

Time traveler walking by.