Unexplained Footage: The Mysterious Creature that escaped from the Japanese Tsunami…

Japan is a country of intense mythology but how much of this mythology is based on a real creature. Footage captured during the 2011 Tsunami seems to suggest there is something supernatural living below the streets of Japan.

Cameras filming the destruction overtaking the coast of Japan also happened to capture a mysterious and impossible creature. Leaping from the water, walking up a wall, shape-shifting and then disappearing, all in the blink of an eye.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the footage that had the world scratching its head and wondering, what the hell was that?

Captured by the camera on that disastrous day is a creature so unusual that it will stretch your belief of what is possible to breaking point.

Japanese monster. classic.
Japanese monster classic.

Appearing out of the churning waters flooding the streets is a creature so unusual that it is literally impossible.  At times it has a very lizard like appearance, looking closer, much closer, the creature actually resembles a big cat, very big cat. That is until it shape-shifts, stands upright and disappears.

After leaping out of the water, as the creature scales the wall its back feet do appear to grip the edge, looking very much like big paws. The strangeness continuing to increase, once reaching the roof the creature appears to shape-shift, standing upright before disappearing completely.

Making the video stranger again is the ghostly appearance of the creature, the shape of the creature defined only by a heat signature like silhouette. Could the fact that the creature is covered in water cause it to become visible momentarily? By the time it has clamoured up the wall and onto the roof it disappears, becoming invisible before it completely regains cover.

If this video is taken in isolation it might be perfectly understandable to dismiss it, just like the creature in the video though it is not alone.

After a quick search there are dozens of videos showing many strange and unusual creatures that washed up after the Tsunami. Earthquakes and Tsunami’s have a way of shaking things up like that. Amongst the many videos of deceased freaky carcases are a number of videos that might also show our mystery creature. Two videos of interest have been selected, see below; they also feature a similarly white blotch of a creature leaping amongst debris.

What is this mysterious creature, hoax or a never before seen supernatural shape-shifting big cat? What was living below the streets of Japan when the earthquake struck, and is it still there?

Reference: ADG (UK)