Unexplained Footage: Slenderman is real and invades Russian Town…

Just past the point of perception is strange and mysterious world, a world where monsters are real. From time to time we receive a brief glimpse into these shadows, but be warned there are nightmares in there.

A video has recently surfaced that seems to have captured a frightening creature that shouldn’t exists, a video that captures the Slenderman crawling down the side of a building in Russia.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the creepiest video to surface in recent months. Set this one to full screen mode if you have the nerve, just don’t look the Slenderman in the eyes, he may remember you.

The team at AboveTopSecret have stabilized and cleaned up the video but frankly this has only made it more horrific. The Slenderman’s limbs stretched and contort as he climbs down the side of the building.

Very little is known of the video’s source, Russian media reported at the time that in the residential area that the video was shot nine people have disappeared without a trace in the last few decades, two in the months before the sighting.

Slenderman sighting
Slenderman sighting

The Slenderman is often described as a well presented man, often sighted wearing a suit and tie, as seen in the second video that seems to document a sighting of the Slenderman as he stalks a group of teenagers.

This faceless man has been with us since the dawn of time, as part of our mythology and tales he has been watching us. Sightings have occurred all around the world, with many videos captured in America.

Many names have been given to the Slenderman over time; the Thin Man, the Operator, Spring-Healed Jack. As part of Celtic culture Slenderman would spirit children to save them from a traumatic death.

Able to stretch his limbs to unnatural lengths and with incredible strength he has been known to lift cattle into the tops of trees and suspending them there.

No one seems to know where the Slenderman takes the people he abducts, there is never sign of a struggle or blood at the scene, they just disappear. It is said that once Slenderman gets inside your mind, he will find you anywhere, coming for you at anytime.

What was the creature captured creeping down the side of an apartment block in Russia? Was it a trick of lighting or a creature from the shadows; was it evidence of the Slenderman?

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