Unexplained Footage: Luna Wave Events WTF?

Intrepid lunar observer and investigator Croww777 has this week posted a compilation of incredible videos that appear to have captured enormous waves traversing the surface of the moon. Our rocky companion on our journey through space is the source of many mysteries; Lunar Wave Events are simply the latest mystery to make us wonder what the true nature of our lunar companion is.

This latest controversy to envelope our lunar neighbor is described as a Lunar Wave Event, a strange rippling effect that traverses the entire surface of the moon. Looking very much like a wave you might expect to see during an earthquake here on Earth this phenomenon has been captured by many armature astronomers around the world.

Paranoid-Android-Lunar-Wave-Events2If this was a wave generated by a moon-quake I would definitely not want to be on the surface of the moon as it passes. Traversing the moon’s surface in seconds these waves are travelling at thousands of kilometres a second and would be as high as mountains, such an event should send immense amounts of debris into space.

Others are theorizing that the Lunar Wave Events are the result of holographic projections. There is a definite resemblance to a render scan line, something that users of the old CRT TV’s would have seen. The theory suggests that what we see as the surface of the moon is in fact a projection designed to hide what is truly on the surface of the moon. According to this theory the wave is a scan line produced by this projection.

Some people are putting the wave down to a technical problem with the telescopes tracking motors causing a slight vibration in the footage. Although this is possibility but it isn’t very likely, especially as the same phenomenon has been captured by so many people with very different equipment. Crow777 is also correct when he comments that his footage panning across the moon and the wave catching up to and overtaking his pan would seem to discredit this theory.

One of the favoured destinations for home grown astronomers who travel there in the blink of an eye through the lens of their telescope, mostly due to its relative proximity on a Solar scale, it seems every time we peer through the eye piece a new mystery is turned up. At the very least suggesting we know very little about our nearest neighbour. The only thing we can say for sure is that this is by far the strangest phenomenon to be captured in recent years, yet another mystery revolving around our Lunar companion.

Reference: Crow777