Unexplained Footage: Behold a Black Horse, Flying in the Sky?

Footage has recently emerged from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia that seems to have captured a black horse flying through the skies. While the creature captured by the video does bare a striking resemblance to a horse it is obviously no ordinary horse, a black Pegasus perhaps? While many on the internet have jumped straight into revelations proclaiming ‘Behold a Black Horse’ here at Paranoid Android we wonder if the Black Stallion learned a new trick, run really fast and then start flying? All we know for sure is that this video is likely to remain a mystery, remain unexplained.

The footage was captured during a particularly violent thunder storm over the city of Jeddah, a storm that would normally send a horse running panicked in an effort to escape. Not this unidentified object equine, it seems to revel in the storms strong winds and lightening.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is one of the most unusual sights to have been spotted in the skies over Saudi Arabia. An incredibly strange unidentified object that has many on the internet anticipating the appearance of a pale horse next, along with the associated apocalypse. Sit back relax and get ready for a wild ride.