Unexplained Footage: An Alien at my Window and the Stan Romanek Story….

Stan Romanek must be like candie to aliens. As a contactee Stan started his tale with one spooky video, but this was only the tip of the ice-berg, aliens it seems can’t stay away from Stan.

Hearing strange noises outside his window Stan knew highly strange events would follow, turning his video camera to face the window he hit the record button. What he captured that night went on to become a viral video turning the world’s attention upwards. Stan has slowly gone on to reveal his story, his life spent not looking over his shoulder, when he probably should.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the Unexplained Footage ‘Stan Romanek Alien Video’, a controversial video that captures something very unusual peering in the window. Also included in the interest of completeness is the Stan Romanek Lecture Video recorded during the International UFO Congress 2011 and a preview of Stans upcoming film. The lecture is a recording of Stan’s presentation that includes much of his evidence collected over the last 30 years, an incredible collection of snippets of his life, a life seemingly under surveillance.

Get your popcorn ready, make yourself comfortable it’s a long video but if you can last you are in for one wild ride.

The Alien at my window would eventually go on to be known as the ‘Boo video’ after being released to the world in 2008, first appearing on Larry King Live when Stan presented the video to Larry.

Stan Romanek’s Answers

The video generated enormous publicity, with many claiming the video was a hoax. Frankly part of the popularity of the original ‘boo video’ has to put down to Stan’s hilarious reaction to seeing the alien going boo at his window. In his words it scared the bajebus out of him.

The world is still split on the hoax or not question. A number of TV shows have attempted to reproduce the video, with mixed results. Here at Highpants none of the video’s produced matched Stan’s original video closely, we don’t think Stan hoaxed the videos.

Providing ammunition to the debunkers argument is the failed lie detector test by Stan, something that he has tried to explained away as a medical condition. Not the most concrete response.

Stan’s story however is much larger than the ‘Boo video’, a story that is worth looking a little deeper into. Stan has been experiencing these types of events throughout his entire life, much of it documented and reported on by mainstream media. The earliest strange encounter he can remember goes all the way back to 1968, while Stan’s father was still in the military.

Now Stan has been featured on shows such as Larry King Live, Fox And Friends, 2020 Prime Time, Entertainment Tonight and many more. He is a published author with 3 books on sale and an interesting message for all interested enough to listen.

Keep an eye out for the new film ‘Extraordinary: the Stan Romanek Story’ by J3 Films. The preview is included below, giving us a quick introduction into what looks to be an very interesting perspective on Stan’s life.

The lecture video has two hours worth of video documenting his experiences as an abductee, providing a compelling case for the Alien abduction phenomenon. The lecture was presented at the International UFO Congress in 2011, as you will see Stan has collected some remarkable evidence of his abductions. A multi-media extravaganza it isn’t often you see this much evidence collected in a single case.

Above all Stan’s story is that of an abductee, terrorised and haunted, his life could easily be spent looking over his shoulder but he refuses, instead choosing to tell his story. Watch the videos’, question everything and you decide. What is happening to these people???

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Trailer — Extraordinary: the Stan Romanek story