UFO’s over Gatwick, Pilot Sightings in the UK…

December 30 2012, a cool grey winter’s morning at Gatwick airport sees the morning rush beginning. At a little before 9am the flights were already beginning to stack-up on approach.

Coming in to land at Gatwick airport is a task carried out by thousands of pilots every year, normally without incident, not so on this morning however. This morning something strange was in the air.

On approach two minutes out from Gatwick the first sighting of the disks is made. All three pilots of the Boeing 777 report sighting two flat silver disks stationary or moving very slowly 100 feet below. The pilots went on to report the disks as looking man-made while being almost toy like.


A short time later the pilots of a trailing Boeing 767 report two white or silver disks flying at approximately 1000 feet above the ground. A third flight into Gatwick, an Airbus A319, passed the unidentified craft before they disappeared.

The investigation carried out over the following months by the UK’s Airprox. Board classified the incident as level D, unexplained. While the Board suspects the sightings may have been balloons or kites the radar evidence suggests otherwise, the fact there was a signature mostly eliminates the balloon or kite possibilities. Gatwick’s air traffic control confirmed tracking up to 6 objects during the incident, before all of the objects suddenly disappeared from radar.

According to Nick Pope, a former Ministry of Defense UFO Investigator the report is being taken seriously. Going on the record to say “The evidence is first rate. The witnesses are experienced pilots and there is radar evidence to back up their stories,

As an interesting twist many news agencies are also reporting the initial disk sighting occurred while the UFO’s were stationary over the Church of Scientology’s UK headquarters in East Grinstead. Coincidentally Tom Cruise apparently laid out a message on the hillsides of LA the day after the sighting; the message read ‘Hello’. (here)

Viewed in isolation this incident might be easily passed off, Gatwick though is quite a hotspot of UFO activity. Major sightings do seem to have started increasing since 2004, with dozens of major sightings in the last decade. The first modern Gatwick incident occurred in 1957 when a fighter pilot was ordered to fire rockets at a UFO (here). 2010 saw the runway closed for 45 minutes as an unidentified object hovered just passed the end of the tarmac.

It seems that airports are popular with UFO’s, are aliens looking for somewhere to park their UFO’s or have the just stopped by to meet Tom Cruise? Whatever the case, keep watching the skies, there are strange things to be seen.

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