UFO Portals Part 1. Circles Of Fire In The Sky…

UFO Portals is a term applied to a number of unexplained phenomenon often observed and recorded by people around the world. The phenomenon can be broken down into a number of different observed phenomenon. Each with a number of unique characteristics, each deserving individual study.

The Circles of Fire phenomenon is the topic of today’s article, a topic that has been seen in mainstream media recently. The Circles of Fire is an unusual atmospheric phenomenon that was seen by a number of witnesses around the world on January 23rd, 2012. A highly energetic band or circle of an almost electrical looking flame the Circle of Fire.

The other variations of the UFO Portal Phenomenon, HAARP Spiral Portals, Smoke Rings and Cloud Formations along with Other UFO Portal events, will be covered in upcoming articles.

Today presented for your viewing pleasure are two videos highlighting the Circles of Fire phenomenon. First up is the Jamie Muassan video, his teams investigation and findings surrounding this latest phenomenon that has gone viral, The Circles of Fire. Investigators Santiago Yturria and Fernando Correa present their findings on the unusual phenomenon recently witnessed by large numbers of people.

UFO portal in the sky seen all around the world 2012

The second video was captured by Halit Safin in Kuvykina Russia on January 23rd, 2012. For hours the strange glowing ring hovered above his street. Using various lenses Safin was able to capture some of the clearest footage of this mystery phenomenon.

Seen in Rtamos Arizpe Mexico, Sussex England and Russia the phenomenon resembles a Ring of Fire suspended in the sky. In many ways similar to the often seen ring or cloud portal, which itself resembles a smoke ring, often with UFOs sighted in the vicinity. Unlike the smoke ring though these circles appear to be a ring of fire. Not a normal chemical fire this more resembles an electrical fire or an Auroral electrical display. Ablaze with colour the rings change and dance like an overly specific, local, aurora.

The rainbow coloured ring maintains it’s circular shape for the entirety of the video, not a perfect circle it’s irregular shape is consistent though, possibly suggesting a solid object as the basis of the circle. A gas or liquid would tend to change shape, like a bubble.

Not the direct effect of a visible object like the plume of a rocket engine, this looks like the secondary result. Something like a dimensional portal being opened, then bursting on fire because of a third factor, beam weapon or natural occurrence, poorly timed lightning for example.

Or could the fire represent an energy discharge of the portal itself, with high energy particles interacting with the high atmosphere gases to create an aurora effect?

Could it be the exhaust plume of an invisible craft of some kind or is it the plume of and inter-dimensional portal ? This is indeed one most unusual unexplained phenomenon.

Amazing UFO – UFA, Russia January 23, 2012.