Turning Your Smartphone into a 3D Holographic Projector, Stunningly Simple.

Bringing photons to life in a stunning 3D holographic display has till now been then the domain of men in white coats with immensely powerful lasers and a myriad of mirrors. Typically not something that we all have access to and let’s face it not many of us could get away with it in our living rooms.

Holograms however don’t need to be that complicated, there is an easy way that anyone can do and the results are simply stunning. YouTuber MrWhosTheBoss has put together a little DIY tutorial that will show anyone how to build the simple Holographic projector with a few bits of clear plastic and some sticky tape.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the DIY tutorial that will lead to hours of oows and ahhs in your living room. Sit back relax and prepare to amaze your friends and family with the Star Wars display made from spare plastic and sticky tape.

Reference: MrWhosTheBoss