Trick Shot Titus, the Two Foot Tall Free Throw Genius…

One of the most surprising YouTube superstars to appear this year has to be Trick Shot Titus, the free throw genius who’s too young for kindergarten.

Now it’s time for tiny Titus to return with more incredible free throw shenanigans. Trick Shot Titus 3 sees the mini maestro of the free throw hang with Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper who make star spangled cameo appearances, just a warm up to crazy trick shot mayhem.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the Trick Shot Titus collection, the first three installments of the Trick Shot Titus videos. While not his whole collection of videos these are three of the best. After the third you might just wonder if this kid could throw anything at anything, and make the shot!? Sit back, relax and buckle up in the back it’s going to get bumpy.

Unlike every photo of a super model in the world there is no digital trickery used to produce Titus’s shots, he is simply a tiny trick shot genius. A little man who just happens to have incredible hand eye co-ordination.

With his first video going viral in February Titus has built a huge following in just 10 month. Having appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show a number of times the entire world is a basketball court at his young feet.

and now the video that started it all.