Transporting UFO’s. The Cowley And Washington Beltway UFO’s…

Once upon time in the west, in time gone by, the railways were the lifeblood of a country. Transport is now, more than ever, fundamental to the modern world. Recently a number of videos have appeared on the internet that depict strange unknown aircraft being transported. Capturing the world’s attention, generating intense interest and setting imaginations alight.

The most recent incident captured on video saw an enormous mystery aircraft transported through Washington DC. Witnesses on the highway at the time reported a UFO being transported through the American capital, causing intense interest and chaos as it went by. Other similar incidents have also been recorded on Route 77 Crowley County, Texas and California.

Transportation is a funny thing, no matter how secret or expensive, everything has to be transported, everything is carried by a truck at some stage. UFO’s and secret military aircraft are no exception.

The Washington Beltway
Wednesday the 13th of June. Washington DC was the backdrop of the latest incident. An incident that generated an enormous amount of publicity. With some news agencies reporting it as chaos on the highway as the army transports UFO’s. People were indeed shocked when they approached the 78 foot long cargo.

The mysterious cargo was initially seen traveling on the I-270 then later it continued onto the Beltway and the East 210, sending Twitter and Facebook a buzz with reports of a brand new Roswell.

The US Army has since stated that the craft being transported was not a UFO or black budget aircraft but instead it was simply a current generation UAV aircraft, an X-47B to be precise. This unmanned stealth aircraft is completely tailless and does indeed look like something from outer space. The UFO look is further enhanced by the removal of the wings for transport.

From the military press release “The X-47B is the first unmanned vehicle designed to take off and land on an aircraft carrier. As part of the program’s demonstration, the X-47B will perform arrested landings and catapult launches at Pax to validate its ability to conduct precision approaches to the carrier. The base is one of only a few sites in the world where the Navy can run performance tests on aircraft-carrier catapult operations at a land-based facility with flight test and engineering support resources not available on a ship.”

The drone had been transported all the way from California, destined for the Patuxent River Naval Base. Expect more UFO reports as the aircraft enters testing.

Cowley County, Kansas UFO Transport
Early December 2011, during a pleasant afternoon witnesses were shocked at the sight rolling through town. Many locals reported a huge 32 foot long silver or chrome aircraft being transported down Route 77. The craft was shaped more like a UFO than traditional aircraft.

The unknown craft was 30 feet across, with the wings unfolded the craft was reported to be 62 feet from wing tip to wing tip.

Sheriff Don Read and the Cowley County Police Department were called in to help manoeuvre the craft through town, down  Route 77. Covered in a tarp the transport company informed the Sheriff  that that under the tarp was an experimental aircraft from Northrup Grumman.

Attempting to put an end to the speculation Brooks McKinney, senior manager of public relations at Northrop Grumman told Life’s Little Mysteries that the suspected UFO was in fact an X-47B. The unmanned drone has been designed to operate from aircraft carriers and was being transported in preparation for flight testing.

Most unusual that both of the recent in plain sight sightings of UFO were X-47B experimental aircraft. While both are of a similar shape the size discrepancy is to great to easily dispel. The craft transported through Washington was 78 feet long, even with wings attached / unfolded the X-47B should only have a wingspan of 62 feet. Which is also the wingspan listed on Northrup and Wikipedia.

A third incident has also been captured on film recently. Much confusion surrounds this video as it has appeared with claims it took place in Texas, California and Russia. The footage actually looks identical across all of the videos. On the back of the flatbed truck are what appear to be large stainless steel billets. Circular and looking very similar to dish shaped UFO’s, the circular metallic objects look more like industrial steal being prepared for milling rather than complex craft.

Spend enough time on the road and you are likely to see some unusual sights, of late these sights have been astoundingly attention grabbing. What was the craft being transported through Washington? Which aircraft is the real X-47B Cowley or Washington ?