Transform Robot Version 7.2, The First Real Transforming Robot that shifts between Wheels and Walking…

Time is moving faster, the technology once only the realm of the silver screen is coming to life in record time. The latest sci-fi technology to make the leap is the Transforming robot.  A favourite for many generations of children and adults alike seeing a robot transform in real life for the first time will put a smile on your face, it may also send a slight shiver down your spine.

Transform Robot Version 7.2 is the first publically available transforming robot that can walk, fire rockets, capture video then transform into a 1/12th scale remote controlled car for a fast get away.

Included for your viewing pleasure are the first two videos released by Kenji Ishida previewing his  Version 7.2 in action. The history video is a must watch with the many generations of Mr Roboto’s evolution.

Car mode

Transform Robot Version 7.2 or Mr Roboto is a marvel of modern engineering, able to drive when in car mode and walk when in robot mode and do funky dance moves when in funk mode. Mr Roboto isn’t short on equipment either, with rocket launchers, working lights and a WiFi camera to keep up with the action.

Controlled via a gamepad style remote, and delivered in a CIA style hard case Version 7.2 is a serious piece of robotic engineering, that just happens to be incredibly cool.

Under his skin Version 7.2 is a complex electronic system, this is no $25 kid’s toy. Sensors and actuators feed data to a powerful processor that gives Mr Robot balance and his funky walking style. When Kenji Ishida says he has been working on transforming robots for 10 years, he doesn’t mean part time. Using the latest design and manufacturing techniques including 3D printing and integrating the latest robotic sensors and electronics, Version 7.2 is one of the most advanced consumer robots available.

The History video gives a brief insight into the complexity and work that has been put into the robot, long hours that saw these systems perfected and fine-tuned, the results are often hilarious and always spectacular. Mr Roboto is now capable of complex gymnastic moves as well as manga inspired signature moves, the kneel and point or the victory air punch are already well rehearsed.

Robot mode

Kenji Ishida and his company Brave Robotics are aiming high, not stopping at Version 7.2 they have full sized transforming robots in mind for us all, with an ambitious target of 2030 let’s hope they succeed.

Earlier this year Version 8 was introduced to the world. A slightly larger and racier looking robot, he is Version 7.2’s bigger brother. With 22 servo motors keeping him moving Version 8 is a complex piece of engineering, but Version 8 is a show car, Verions 7.2 is the robot that people will get to play with.

Transform Robot Version 7.2 can be ordered through Brave Robots website, but there is a 1 month wait which may rule out the Christmas present window, but you never can tell. There will only be 10 Version 7.2’s built in this initial production run.

Expect Kenji Ishida and his robots ta make a huge splash at new weeks Makers Faire (December 1st) in Tokyo, when prices and availability should also become clearer. This is one robot we will be hearing more about in the not too distant future. Domo arigato Mr Roboto.

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BRAVEROBOTICS 1/12 scale Transform Robot Version1~7.2 History

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