TR-3B Black Manta and Darkstar, Rise of the Triangle UFO…

Since the early 90’s UFO observers have been seeing a new shape in the sky to identify, the triangle. Since those early days the Phoenix Lights and numerous other major UFO events we have been seeing the rise of the triangle.

While everyone else is making traditional round flying saucers the triangles burst onto the scene to steal the headlines. In the last 6 months there has been explosive growth in the number of triangle sighting video’s to appear on the internet, making the triangle the most visible UFO design during 2012.

 The rise of the triangle UFO may be far more significant than it initially appears.  The TR-3B represents the first man-made aircraft that can manoeuvre in similar ways to a traditional UFO.  The first man-made aircraft that can take the fight to space, the weaponisation of space has begun.

Video’s included for your viewing pleasure included the most popular and incredible video’s of the flying triangles. While most of the videos capture the TR-3B in action the Phoenix Lights capture the Darkstar hovering over an entire city.

What’s in a Shape?
Until recently the shape and design of UFO’s seen by eye-witnesses has been dominated by the circle, or disk.  While other shapes have been observed (spheres of light, diamonds etc) the flying saucer has been the most reported model of UFO for decades.  Since the beginning of 2012 a new shape has come to dominate UFO reports, the Triangle. Does the recent rise of the triangle indicate a new player in the UFO design competition, humanity?

The TR-3B Black Manta and Darkstar are the first working space based weapons systems completed by Project Aurora. The Black Manta being the space fighter and interceptor while the Darkstar is a space based aircraft carrier.

Triangles are the new Black. Project Aurora the Space Fighter and Interceptor (Technology)

TR-3B Black Manta
Project Aurora’s most popular, going by YouTube video count,  triangular craft is the current generation TR-3B Delta or Black Manta. Even in the last few years the technology of the Black Manta has evolved. The latest footage of the TR- Black Manta triangle UFO shows a completely invisible craft with three evenly spaced orbs. The videos seem to suggest that Project Aurora have achieved true stealth for the TR-3B craft itself, the orbs may be a giveaway though.

The Darkstar Mother-ship.
An aircraft carrier for space, the Darkstar craft are often described as enormous black boomerangs, a mile across.

Most famously seen by hundreds during the Phoenix Lights sightings where a Darkstar mother-ship was seen slowly moving over Phoenix and Arizona.

Both the TR-3B and Darkstar mothership share the same energy and propulsion systems, the Darkstar simply has more. The TR-3B is also the craft the Darkstar is designed to carry. Reports suggest up to 40 TR-3B fighters can be carried by a single Darkstar.

Power Speculation…
Speculation around the internal power plant ranges from helium 3 fusion reactors to zero point energy, but in all likelihood they use a more efficient variant of the nuclear reactors used in the Regan class aircraft carrier and Los Angeles class nuclear subs.

Nuclear powered high energy propulsion systems allow both the TR-3B and Darkstar to perform incredible manoeuvres within the Earth’s atmosphere and travel at unbelievable speeds in space.

Propulsion of the Future.
The technology on display within the flying triangles is centered on Electromagnetic propulsion with gravity modifying hardware.

The most likely mainstream concept is NASA’s electromagnetic propulsion system. Propellant free and solid state the system proposed by David Goodwin takes advantage of unusual magnetic forces generated by superconductors to generate a propulsive force.

The far more likely form of thrust is the magnetoplasmadynamic thrusters which generates the highest thrust values of any electromagnetic system in use. Using a combination of Lorenz force and electromagnetic plasma it is currently used on long distance satellites.

Other speculated technology include Tesla’s high voltage field propulsion, magnetic gravity displacement and gravity reduction systems.

Depending on the actual propulsion system used the Black Manta may be limited to missiles and energy weapons, gravity and field propulsion won’t withstand the recoil of canons or machine guns.

Similar to putting a canon on a hovercraft, a very poor weapons platform that provides anything but stability. Any electromagnetic or gravity based craft will suffer similar problems.

Why not just use lasers or energy weapons? The three main advantages of today’s smart missiles versus beam or energy weapons; guided versus line of sight, local delivery and punch. A guided missile can deliver many kinds of devices right up in its targets face and detonate. Delivering EMF pulses, huge explosions or nuclear detonations, whatever is required?


Project Aurora the History
Public use of the term Aurora or Project Aurora began with an Aviation Week & Space Technology article that reported the use of the term ‘Aurora’ inadvertently in the 1985 US Budget allocations. $455 of black budget money had been assigned to the production of black or confidential aircraft.

The trail has since gone very cold, a recent search unable to find the original budget documents and references.

The name has been in use internally for decades before that.  Here at Highpants we believe the use of the name Aurora dates back to the the town named Aurora. The small Texas town was the site of a historic UFO crash on April 17 1897, in the wild west. Possibly the first case of recovered technology by the US Army Aurora was the place we learned we could fight back. The idea of using the recovered technology to defend ourselves was first implemented.

The cause of the UFO crash in Aurora, according to local legend, took place when the  craft struck a farm windmill. The story doesn’t go so far as to explain why the UFO’s guidance system would send it hurtling into a windmill.

Project Aurora has continued to evolve over its history, although the purpose has stayed consistent, to build viable weapons systems from the most advanced technology available, the arming of mankind against potential intergalactic enemies. The craft produced by Project Aurora are designed to fight in space.

Reverse engineering in this case is probably not the right term, doing whatever it takes to produce viable weapons systems is a far more apt description of the situation. Including the use of technology dragged smoking from the desert.

The Phoenix Lights
The Phoenix Lights could be considered the Superbowl of UFO events, with more people witnessing the event than any other in modern history. With minor sightings starting in early March 1997 the 13th of March saw the main event.  On that clear night in March an enormous boomerang shaped craft parked over Phoenix Arizona for nearly an hour.

One of the most visible events of modern times the Phoenix Lights were witnessed by literally hundreds of people across most of Arizona. The most highly populated location, Phoenix, was naturally the source of most eye witness accounts

Most commonly explained as military flares deployed by F16’s and A-10 aircraft  most eyewitnesses are not willing to accept these explanations, describing the behavior and location of the lights as impossible for flares to achieve. The residents of Phoenix are after all used to seeing the air-force drop flares during training events flown out of the nearby air-force base.

The craft described by the witnesses was an awe inspiring mile wide boomerang shaped mothership. Black in color the UFO appeared to be transparent and shimmered like the heat coming off a bitumen road. Silent and moving slowly it was seen to fly silently through the night’s sky.

While many of the reports from Phoenix describe the crafts behavior as slow moving or hovering.  The stationary positioning over Phoenix for nearly an hour might suggest a lighter than air type of craft on display, however a number of eye witnesses of the crafts journey towards Phoenix report the craft accelerated of at great speed and performed a 90 degree turn.

After slowly moving out of Phoenix eye witnesses a hundred miles south of Phoenix report that the craft had accelerated at incredible rates and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

If the Darkstar Motherships were built using Conventional Materials and Terchnologies?
Using today’s materials and estimates of the Darkstar dimensions calculations have shown that the Darkstar would be 8 times the size of the Shuttle and weigh an astounding 16,000,000kg’s. Also if it is a mothership or aircraft carrier for space then it would need to be able to carry nearly its own weight in smaller craft.

With conventional propulsion it would require at least 6 Saturn 5 rockets to launch the craft into space. Although the use of rocket engines can be ruled out as the source of propulsion for the Mothership, witnesses reported a silent craft and as no witnesses were burnt to a crisp by the rockets flames, we can conclude that this was not a chemical rocket driven craft.

The technology on display in the skies within the Darkstar mothership is Electromagnetic propulsion with gravity modifying hardware. Nuclear powered high energy propulsion systems allow the Darkstar to travel in unheard of ways within the Earth’s atmosphere and travel at unbelievable speeds in space.  The Darkstar is a man made marvel of military hardware.

The Rise of the Triangle, Weapons In Space.
While it can easily be argued that the weaponisation of space is a very dangerous act, potentially instigating the cold war part two, it may be inevitable. From an international perspective it is dangerous, but from an inter-galactic perspective it is going to become a necessary evil.

It shouldn’t be a development that leads to international inequity for most, and power for a few, it needs to be done on a global basis to benefit everyone equally. It also shouldn’t be used as the first response to any contact that may be made in the future, but it is always good to have insurance that keeps people playing nice with you.

Man-made UFO’s are an interesting predicament; raising questions of weapons in space and who could we possibly need such weapons against. The technology behind these stealthy marvels must be incredible, how long can it stay a secret?

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