They’re Already Here, Canada’s Ex-Minister of Defence Paul Hellyer Speaks His Mind on Alien Contact…

As we stretch our reach into space one of the great questions of our time has to be what we will find out there, are there alien species waiting to be discovered or are they already here?

Recently Paul Hellyer, the Canadian Minister of Defence during the 60’s, revealed that not only do aliens exists but they are already here. Disclosing his take on the subject during an interview with Sophie Shevardnadze (Russian TV show Sophie Co), quickly giving the impression that our solar system and the universe itself are far more populated than we have been led to believe.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the videos that have capture the world’s imagination, video’s of a man with conviction who believes we all have a right to know the truth., no matter how extraordinary it is.

Hellyer was the first cabinet minister of any G8 country to unequivocally state that aliens are real. First broaching the subject in 2005 Hellyer has also recently testified during the last years disclosure event held in America.

Paul Hellyer
Paul Hellyer

His most famous quote was first pronounced during a speech given to a symposium at the University of Toronto, he stated that “UFO’s are as real as the planes flying over heads”.

According to his latest information there are up to 80 different species that are known to his contacts. Much of this alien life is bound by a collective or federation not to interfere with Humanity unless asked. Others are more dubious in nature and intent. Four species of aliens are believed to have been visiting Earth for thousands of years, some species even able to blend in fairly easily.

Hellyer has also had his own UFO encounter while living in Ontario Canada. The sighting of a strange light in the clear Canadian night sky, a sighting that spanned a number nights. Hellyer investigated possible causes, eliminating satellites, comets and most other scientific explanations leaving him wondering.

Hellyer seems to be an honest man giving his honest opinion on a controversial subject, will governments around the world follow his lead, will 2014 be the year of full disclosure?