The World’s Fastest Scooter, The Stig Beater…

English electrician Joseph Elliot loves his scooter, he loves going fast even more. Having previously held the world record for the fastest scooter Joseph recaptured the title with an insanity confirming top speed of 112 mph.

A straight flat track in Warwickshire was the scene of the world record attempt. On August 12 Joesph dared to dream big, and lived to tell his tale. Riding his highly modified but tiny Lambretta scooter Joseph took the world record with a blistering quarter mile time of 11.87. This pocket rocket could literally take most supercars at the lights while still being able to park anywhere you like.

The highly customized Lambretta has dual 172cc engines working together to provide 58 bhp while carbon fiber helps keep the weight down to something similar to a pair of shoes.

The record setting run was fearlessly executed during filming of a Top Gear episode, with the Lambretta pitted up against a Lamborghini driven by the Stig. The battle of the insane Italian’s left the Stig embarrassed and world record in Josephs hands, beating the previous holder by 3 hundredths of a second.

During recent interviews Joseph gave his take on the event, “The slightest mistake on the throttle can launch you into a wheelie. It is a bit like riding a bar stool at 112mph, Lambrettas are just not designed to go that fast. We could put more power in the bike, but it would become unrideable. I have ridden drag bikes at 150mph, but the Lambretta run was a lot scarier than that.”

Will the Lambretta super scooter eventually lead to the fastest pizza delivery service in the world, we can only hope.

Reference: Petersborough Telegraph