The Truth about Teleportation Girl…

It isn’t often that a mystery is completely solved, resolved without question. The mystery of Teleportation Man is one mystery that can be consigned to the annals of history.

Firstly I must correct the assumption that our Teleportation super hero was a man, it was in fact Teleportation Girl. Saving hapless cyclists isn’t her only claim to fame either; she had been captured using her powers to shop faster in convenience stores.

The truth however is far less interesting, cool but not very interesting. Teleportation Girl was in fact an ad campaign for a Chinese video game that somehow got lost in translation, with many of us missing the point, and sadly while it went viral it was for me a lost cause. It was a game many would have looked into if we knew the ad was for it.

The Teleportation Girl videos were part of marketing campaign that portrayed the games characters in the real world. Teleportation Girls name is actually Dragon Totem Girl and she appears in the Zhu Xian series of video games by Chinese game dev’s Perfect World. The game was also released in the US under the name Jade Dynasty.

Many conspiracy theorists haven’t given up on Teleportation Girl yet, convinced that Perfect World are involved in a conspiracy to cover up the fact that the original clip was real, it certainly was convincing. Not the answer that everyone was looking for but until more evidence proving otherwise appears this is case closed for Teleportation Girl, we shall miss her.

Reference: x.wanmei

The Original Teleportation Girl video.