The Trident Iceni, the Diesel Powered Supercar…

With classic English curves and sumptuous lines the Trident Iceni is the fastest and most fuel efficient diesel sports car that money can buy. At 3.7 seconds to 100 kph, 300 kph top speed and a range of 3,200 km on a single tank it’s hard to argue with Tridents claims.

The new curvy Iceni supercar has been released with 3 models available, the Iceni Magna fastback or convertible and the Venturer estate. All three models share the same $162,000 USD base price.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the Trident Iceni in action along with this week’s publicity clip. Sit back, relax and hit the play button to let the automotive dreaming begin.

highpants-trident-iceni-banner2Powering all of the base models is a 6.6 litre V8 turbo diesel that puts out 395 bhp and 700lb-ft of torque. Sending power to the wheels is a 6 speed auto transmission with Tridents torque multiplier technology.

All of this high torque technology gives the Iceni incredible range. Achieving 68mpg in highway cycle, 980rpm @ 70 mph, the diesel supercar will cruise for 2000 miles/3219 km on a single tank of biodiesel.

Several upgrades are available for all three Trident models. Performance packs that enhance horsepower, handling along with track specific modifications are available. The Iceni is available for order now, the Norfolk lads are already building cars to fulfill peoples diesel driving dreams.

Reference: Gizmag