The Sony PS4 Perfect Day…

In the build up to the eminent release of the PlayStation 4 Sony has turned the dials on their marketing machine to max power.  One of the funniest video’s to appear from the creative minds at Sony has to be the Perfect Day video. Cleverly melding team play fun and a mix of games being previewed all set to a funny premise and a catchy beat.

The graphics for the advertisement are provided by PS4 release games and the quality ranges from good to outstanding. For anyone wondering if the new PC chipset is really much faster than the eight core monster that lived within the PS3 the answer is ‘Yes’ the PS4 looks to be better, much better than the previous generation.

With many reviews and early screenshots beginning to appear it is worth looking at what the PS4 has in store for us all.

The UI looks like it will be evolving for a while, menu organization could use optimization and styles seem a little disorganized. Still this is better than delaying the release so they can tinker with the UI. Perfectly understandable when you see the amount of sharing and social media integration that has taken place. Overall the OS looks far more advanced functionality wise when compared to the PS3.

The machine itself looks fast, very fast. If your a dedicated console fan the PS4 is going to be a must have. Expect the audio to also be next generation, this will be true BluRay audio quality. While the in-game graphics looks spectacular it appears to be the particles and physics that have improved the most.

One tip though, with the amount of on-screen typing required a Bluetooth keyboard is going to be a must have to maintain sanity. With itchy trigger fingers and large screen TV’s at the ready the final countdown has begun, countdown to a perfect day.