The Sony Playstation 4 Reveal Event and the Story So Far…

Gamers rejoice, the first of the next generation consoles will be revealed to the world shortly. Sony has sent out the invitations, limousines have been booked and journalist wait with pens at the ready.

All invited parties will be gathering in New York on February 20th, awaiting the spectacle that Sony has prepared. Expectations are high that this will become the disclosure event for the Sony Playstation 4.

Also included for your viewing pleasure is the short promo video attached to the invitation. A brief glimpse presenting the intro the event, Sony’s iconic button layout rendered as you have never seen before.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a source close to Sony has confirmed the PS4 will indeed be demonstrated to the world for the first time on Feb 20. The source goes on to suggest that Sony will be shifting away from the performance race and concentrating interactivity and the social aspects of gaming.

Unfortunately the world is no closer to knowing the actual release date for the Playstation 4, this is yet another morsel of information Sony may release at the big event.  The timing for Microsoft’s Xbox 720 announcement is also unknown. Microsoft does have a big product release event planned for Feb 8, though in this case it is for the release of the Surface Pro, it is unlikely they would spoil their new tablets party with Xbox announcements.

Gaming in 2013 is building up to an incredible crescendo, even this early in the game there are two clear winners emerging; AMD and a world full of gamers.

 Reference: The Wall Street Journal

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