The Sonic Fire Extinguisher, Fighting Fire with Bass…

It seems ever since cavemen discovered fire we have been fighting to keep it under control. Sound waves may not currently be the go to tool for fire fightering but two students from George Mason University are cranking up the bass to tune out the flames, and it works.  The ingenious portable sonic fire extinguisher uses low frequency sound waves (30-60hz) to briefly disrupt the chemical reaction that is fire, putting a halt to the flames within close proximity.

Engineering seniors Viet Tran and Seth Robertson now hold the preliminary patent and are working on potential applications. With many positive characteristics; no material gets added to the fire and there is no water damage, sonic firefighting may just be the way of the future.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the sonic fire extinguisher in action, in the hands of the fire busters. Sit back relax and please don’t try this at home, your speakers may not be this fireproof.

Reference: George MasonUniversity