The Soldiers Inc Trailer, Free To Play Facebook Action Strategy Gets Blown to Pieces…

Game developer Plarium has recently jammed Facebook full of gunpowder and lit the fuse with its new Facebook RTS action game Soldiers Inc. The year is 2019 and a modern land grab is taking place, countries and corporations battling for wealth of all kinds.

Soldiers Inc sees players led through missions by Mr Black, earning experience and money, expanding your base and recruiting more soldiers. Of course as your base expands more resources are required, and the cycle goes on. The tech tree is unlocked over time and expands as experience and research accumulates. In game payments can be used to accelerate all of these processes.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the videos that introduce you to the latest browser based strategy game, Soldiers Inc. Time for a little base building army destroying action. Sit back, relax and let the invasion begin.

Positive feedback from around the web included statements like slick and as good as strategy gets on Facebook. While on the downsides generally players criticized its lack of depth and the lack of anything new. As with all online strategy games it will evolve and hopefully take on player feedback over time, but damn it is a good looking game.

Reference: Soldiers Inc