The Seal Beach Franken-Creature, The Return Of The Montauk Monster…

While walking along Seal Beach, California, Karen Summers recently happened upon something very strange, what appeared to be another Montauk Monster washed up on the shore. A creature so hideous that it resembled no creature she recognised.

She describes her find as a little monster that is like no animal she has ever seen. With no hair, no eyes and its mouth filled with enormous teeth.  While it had a tale it seemed out of place for the animal, Karen described it as not looking normal. With no ears and unusual feet that didn’t seem to belong the creature it almost seemed like a patchwork quilt of various animals, a franken-creature.

Included for viewing pleasure is the latest footage of the creature that washed ashore on Seal Beach. The second video included for your viewing horror is a collection of the most unusual creatures to wash ashore in the last two years, only those with a strong stomach need watch. Also for comparison purposes are the clearest photos available of the Seal Beach creature and the original Montauk Monster.

The original Montauk Monster discovery occurred during July, 2008. When an eerily similar creature washed up on Montauk Beach, New York. The original creature was initially deemed a fake by much of the scientific community but subsequent X-Rays and investigations have shown it to be a once living creature of unknown origins.

Montauks proximity to the Plum Island animal Disease Center lead many to believe that the creature may have escaped from the Island, what experiment would have lead to such a creature is unknown and the creatures connection to the island has long been denied by the Center.

Possible explanations for Montauk and Seal Beach creatures generally include, raccoons, possum, rodent, Turtle without its shell and dogs but neither the Montauk Monster or the Seal Beach creature conform to these species.

The creatures themselves are highly unusual. Many of the creatures discovered in the last 2 years do have a rational explanation, but a few remain unresolved, the Montauk and Seal Beach creatures fit into this latter category.

The preponderance of YouTube videos showing unusual creatures that have washed ashore might make you think that there is an explosion of unusual creatures out there. There are in fact always odd things washing ashore, this part of the phenomenon is likely just a factor of the availability of videos.

Are modern day mad scientists getting sloppy, letting their experiments escape? Alternatively are there simply many new creatures still to be discover in the world, new unidentified creatures.

Like the original Montauk Monster it’s Seal Beach cousin is a hideous little creature that seems to have squirmed its way through the gates of hell only to wash up on a beach. These are indeed most unusual sights to behold, yet another mystery supplied for our consideration by the ultimate scientific experiment that is nature.