The Santilli Satellite Discovers Anti-Matter Entities, Really.

As our scientific understanding expands the boundaries of the known universe are also pushed further back. Antimatter is one of the new boundaries of the known and it looks like it might be even stranger than the quantum world.

Thunder Energies Corporation CEO and Chief Scientist Dr Ruggero M Santilli recently published a paper in the American Journal of Modern Physics presenting astonishing evidence that is pushing our known boundaries right into the universe of the strange by sensationally revealing the discovery of Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE) within the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

It has long been theorized that when matter and anti-matter come in contact the end result is complete destruction, 100% annihilation. The most efficient conversion of matter to energy theoretically possible.

Invisible Terrestrial Entity 2

It is also believed that in the early formation of the universe both matter and anti-matter were created. This period of the early universe is still a point of contention for our current theories (standard scientific model) which suggest that after the big bang there should have been even amounts of matter and anti-matter. A situation that would have quickly led to the complete annihilation of the universe. Happily, our matter filled universe actually being here suggests that slightly more matter (1 part per billion) than anti-matter was created in the big bang.

Still, even though matter and anti-matter have such a violent past there is in fact anti-matter being produced in very tiny quantities here on Earth and throughout the universe, even bananas produce tiny amounts.

Behind the latest anti-matter discoveries are Santilli and his telescopes (Satellite and Terrestrial) which have been designed from the outset to spot anti-matter. Similar to a normal telescope Sintelli uses a very clever technique for observing anti-matter, an example of beautiful simplicity. The one key difference is the lens, Santilli uses a concave inward curving lens instead of the normal convex outward curving lens that every telescope and camera lens uses. This makes Santilli completely useless for observing the observable but exceptionally good at observing the anti-universe.

Anti-matter is actually very similar to normal matter except that it spins, bounces off and refracts in the opposite direction (making them anti) to normal matter. This is where the concave lens comes in, it actually corrects the direction by curving inwards instead of outwards, converting the photons on the way through so that our lefty bouncy technology works with light from the anti-universe.


Now till this point nothing Santilli had done was Earth shattering, his telescopes were very successful at the job they were designed for and had already begun mapping the universe from their unique anti perspective. They could after-all spot Dark Superman.

Invisible Terrestrial Entity 1

But what would happen if you pointed this new window on the universe somewhere closer to home, somewhere like the upper atmosphere.  Things start to get strange here, Santilli had successfully spotted anti-matter at the edge of the universe but now he was detecting significant amounts of anti-matter in the upper atmosphere, without the big bang!

After studying the data and not being afraid of letting things get even stranger scientists from Thunder Energies are now wondering if these anti images of Earth have captured living entities of the anti-matter kind. The strange serpent and tube like structures they have spotted appear to be able to intelligently move around and have very biological looking structures. Two distinct types of phenomenon have been identified, ITE-1 and ITE-2, both are invisible to the naked eye but only ITE-1 appears be made of anti-matter.

The scientific storm is now raging on. How can such large amounts of anti-matter exist in our atmosphere? Are these anti-matter entities, and are they alive? Is the assumption that matter + anti-matter = big bang correct? Santilli has definitely detected something unexpected but how unexpected is still to be established.

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