The Samsung Galaxy S4, the Release Cycle Continues Unabated…

Samsung is keeping the pedal to the metal, pushing out new models of its monstrously popular Galaxy S series Smartphone as regular as a heartbeat. Rumours have reached a crescendo this week suggesting that the new Galaxy will be revealed within a month.

Website TechRadar has given the rumour mill a kick start  reporting that they are in possession of a PDF containing the details of the upcoming Galaxy S phone. Other reports have also surfaced this week from Russian site Mobile-Review, reporting that Samsung will unveil its new Galaxy on March 14, the chatter is certainly picking up it seems.


All reports seem to agree that a brand new display will grace the front of the Galaxy S4, the 5 inch HD 1920 x 1080 display should shine. Other rumours suggest the S4 will include unbreakable glass, this may be a stretch as the rest of the phones case would need to match the glasses strength, not something Samsung is known for.

Concept design.
Concept design.

There is some conjecture over the processor to be included; looking at all of the reports the choice for Samsung will come down to manufacturer. They will either use their own quad core processor or they will switch to the latest Qualcomm 8 core processor that should deliver better battery life. Here at Highpants we think the rumours have it wrong, our money is with Samsung staying in house but stunning the world with a brand new 8 Core Exynos processor.

Pictures have recently appeared on Picassa that were taken with the S4’s new camera. The photo’s captured the corner of a cubical office space, nothing to phone home about but the meta data is a match for the S4. The camera itself is a 13 megapixel shooter capable of capturing full HD movies at 30fps. A standard 2 megapixel camera sits up front.

Google’s latest OS Android Jelly Bean 4.2 is onboard and will have 2GB of system RAM to keep the system running smooth and snappy. 2GB is a welcome new standard.

Can Samsung keep this relentless upgrade cycle rolling along? While it may be easy to repackage a phone and just increment the model number it will never sell. A new model needs a selling point and in the world of mobile phones that means technology. What does the future hold for the Galaxy S in 2 or 3 generations time?

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