The Samsung S Galaxy III, The Smartphone Wars Heat Up…

In this fast paced technological world change isn’t just inevitable, it is also high speed. Samsung are riding this wave of change, preparing to release a new generation of Galaxy smartphone, the Galaxy S III. With a newer high resolution screen and faster processor squeezed into an even thinner body the Galaxy S III is shaping up to be one hot phone.

All signs point to May 22 as the birth day of the new Galaxy, with Samsung building up the buzz for their new sleek smartphone, the next two months should see some major marketing shenanigans.

The latest rumours are also accompanied by pictures, realistic and plausible pictures for once. Not to much information can be gleamed from the photo, beside the ridiculously thin body, is this the supermodel of the mobile phone world?

The rumour mill continues to trundle along with stories of the new Galaxies chippery, which is said to include a quad-core Exynos 4412 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 12MP rear camera, a 4.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus HD screen and a 2250 mAh battery.

The resolution of the screen may be a touch higher than the existing Galaxy S II, as well as being slightly larger at 4.7″. As you’ll notice in the rumour picture there are 5 apps icons shown on the bottom of the new AMOLED, compared to just 3 app icons on the Galaxy II. This is backed up by the inclusion of HD in the screens name, AMOLED Plus HD.

With the release fast approaching expect Samsung to crank up the noise, their marketing campaign for the release of the Galaxy II was monumental, climbing to the top of Mt Everest, unboxing while on roller coasters, this was shameless attention seeking at its best. What does Samsung have in store for us this time? It’s sure to be attention grabbing, lets hope the phone can match the hype, just as it’s younger brother the Galaxy II did.

Buddha’s Brother out…