The Salinas Crop Circle Explained, Nvidia’s Marketing Stunt Goes Viral…

Appearing last week the Salinas crop circle instantly caught the public’s attention. So much attention did this unusual sight garner that the farmer ploughed the crop circle into the ground after only a few days. It may have been of people trying to explain the aura and energy of the site, it might have been the people waring alien masks and shinning torches at the sky, we may never know.

What we do now know after yesterday announcement is the true source of the crop circles power, pure silicon. The crop circle pattern turns out to actually be the design of Nvidia’s latest mobile graphics chip.  NVidia put on one hell of a show at this weeks CES to publicize the release of their new mobile chippery, the K1. The crop circle was just the beginning.

By no means does this incident explain all crop circles however, this is a phenomenon that isn’t that easily explained, it appears there are a number of sources of these mysterious messages. While this one crop circle has been explained there are many still to understand.

Reference: DigitalTrends

The source, the K1 chip design
The source, the K1 chip design