The Return Of The UFO Flotilla, Something Strange This Way Comes…

UFO Flotilla or fleets have become a more frequently occurring phenomenon recently. With major sightings around the world in the last six months you might get the impression someone is showing off their new toys.

Flotilla usually consist of groups of small luminous spheres or orbs, that often number in the hundreds, drifting through the sky silently. Sometimes accompanied by disc shaped UFO’s the Flotilla move in synchronised patterns, perhaps a super high-tech take on the UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Often a shocking sight to behold the first time you are introduced, hundreds of strange craft moving in unison.

Selected for your viewing pleasure are three of the most shocking Flotilla videos currently available. NASA footage of a fleet re-entering the atmosphere along with a most unusual small fleet of orbs seen over Fukushima and the video that started it all, Guadalajara Mexico, 2004.

Cases of observed UFO Flotilla date back many years and many locations around the world, even above it, with many examples of NASA footage containing a very similar phenomenon to the Earth based Flotilla observations. The most famous case being the Tether Incident that appears to show a fleet orbs observing the tether as it drifted through space. More recently video’s have appeared that show large numbers of objects entering the Earth’s atmosphere in formation, giving the video’s an extra level of creepiness.

Many flotilla events have been explained as the releasing of silver helium balloons, many of the Mexican Flotilla clips have been explained in this way. Although this still leaves a large number of unexplainable cases of the UFO Flotilla. Cases where the movement and behaviour of the individual orbs is far too controlled and unnatural.

Not only limited to video and anecdotal evidence there are also radar records. Strangely at times there are radar records of invisible flotilla that weren’t visible to the air traffic controllers who were watching the crowded skies on their radar.

There is also a sense of intentional display to the flotilla, an impertinence to the phenomenon. This is the source of many questions relating to the phenomenon, leading people to ponder why such secret craft would be on public display? Where is the marketing department?

If these Flotilla are intelligently controlled craft, which some do appear to be, there is an absence of evidence pointing to which intelligence is  controlling the craft. There is an equal chance that these are secret military craft, being equally as plausible as the flotilla being of alien origin. Until the craft are reveled by the relevant military power or the aliens introduce themselves we won’t know the answer.

Fukushima was recently the scene of a UFO flotilla, this time looking like points of light dancing around the sky. The pattern of movement the orbs carry out seems almost signal like, making you try to decipher the code. With no message immediately obvious the orbs continue there movements. An interesting video that appears a tad enhanced.

South Korean citizens have also witnessed a fleet of UFO’s over Soul. At best guestimate 20+ objects were seen in the night sky on August 11 2011. The witnesses described the objects as “flying in a formations that seemed orchestrated”. Samsung is denying any knowledge, stating that the objects are definitely not part of it’s fleet of 4,000,000 unsaleable Galaxy Tabs. Highpants understands that Samsung is currently testing the Tabs for new patent-able uses.

Perhaps one of the largest mass sightings ever occurred in Guadalajara Mexico, June 10, 2004. 100’s of objects were seen by thousands of people at the time. This was the Flotilla video that began the still occurring wave of Flotilla sightings. Guadalajara has also seen many more Flotilla, with video’s recorded on October 23rd, 2011 and April 2011 available on YouTube

Possibly the creepiest type of UFO phenomenon the Flotilla is the stuff of childhood nightmares and Hollywood story-lines. Is there an invasion imminent or do the Mexicans just love silver balloons a little too much ? Or is it time to install inter-galactic toll booths? Eyes to the Sky people. . .

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Amazing UFO Fleet Over Fukushima Japan March 26, 2011

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