The Red Hydrogen One Houdini Edition Unboxing, the Holographic Camera Phone…

Legendary camera company Red have made the leap into the mobile phone market with one of the most highly anticipated phones to be pressed up against people’s heads. The Red Hydrogen One is that phone and after a year of delays 300 lucky people are now experiencing the Red magic. Master unboxer Marques Brownlee was one of the lucky 300 and his unboxing video now has many people both drooling and jealous, in equal parts.

The lucky 300 were gathered at Red Studios Hollywood to take delivery of the pre-release Houdini Edition of the phone. Pre-orders will be fulfilled on October 9 while AT&T and Verizon will have the phone for sale on November 2, in the US.

With the 5.7 inch holographic display, dual large sensor camera’s on the rear and a special online store for holographic enabled applications this monster of a phone is becoming a reality. Although there is no word on when the Titanium model will be released.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the unboxing video of a phone that everyone here at Highpants wants to own. A phone about to transition from vaporware to reality before our very eyes.

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