The Razer Blade Refresh, Razer Sharpens the Blade Gaming Laptops…

Razer, the makers of much drool worthy gaming hardware have refreshed their impressive Blade gaming laptops. Two new Blade models have been prepared, tempting gamers with the super stylish high performance hardware. Introducing the new 17-inch Blade Pro and the 14-inch Blade.

The stylish design of the original Blade laptop made a huge impression on the gaming community when it was released a year ago, this clean industrial design has been continued, still looking every bit as good.


Under the hood the Blade Pro touts the latest fourth generation Intel Core i7-4700HQ processor (Quad core Haswell), 8GB of 1600Mhz DDR3 and the brand new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M mobile GPU with 2GB of dedicated graphics memory. This latest upgrade of CPU and GPU not only provides an increase in performance but also better battery life. The increased battery size also helps improve run time.

highpants-razer-blade-pro-gqmingUp front the LED display draws you into your gaming word with its clear sharp image. The payback for the Blade Pro’s size is the 17.3 inch full HD display (1920×1808) that maximizes gaming real-estate. This is pure squint free gaming at its best.

While traditionally all that was required to designate a laptop as a gaming laptop was a semi-decent GPU and extra ram if you were lucky. Blade raised the bar on this definition, making every design decision with a gamers preference in mind. Even down to the anti-ghosting backlit keyboard the Blade is designed for gaming.

A healthy number of connectors are included; the now ubiquitous HDMI, 3 green USB 3 ports, audio and Gigabit network port. Killer has provided the Wireless-N network interface, ensuring the best latencies possible, even when using wireless networks.

The ground-breaking Switchblade UI remains in place for this refresh of the 17-inch Blade. This unique interface brings a new weapon to your arsenal of gaming tools. Upgrading the humble touch-pad to become a touch screen LCD display along with 10 special keys which can each change the icon displayed.  New apps are being prepared for the Switchblade UI, mini-apps for Premiere, Photoshop, GIMP and MAYA were all demonstrated recently (see the video).

highpants-razer-blade-pro-workingRazer have done an excellent job designing every gamers dream into their Blade, but there was an unexpected audience, the Professional market. Any situation requiring high performance computing is the territory of the Blade and computing professional quickly realized this. The Switchblade UI also turns out to be very handy for graphics designers and artists it seems.

Weighing in at 6.58 lbs/2.98kg the Blade Pro is by no means a light weight, but it does manage to be sleek and sexy object of every nerds desires by staying just 22mm thin.

Prices remain high for the Blade range, if you can order it at all. The new Blade Pro is currently only available for pre-order in America and Canada priced at $2,299 USD for the Blade Pro and $1,799 for the 14-inch Blade.

With sharpened spec’s and sleeker lines  Razer are sure to have another hit on their hands with their new Blades.

Reference: Razer