The R2-D2 Desk Vacuum is Just Too Cool.

Fellow Star Wars fans rejoice, there is no longer any excuse for a crumby desk, the R2-D2 Desk Vac is here to save the day. He won’t fix your X-Wing, project holograms or respond with witty beep boop retorts but he will vacuum clean your desk.

Powered by a USB cable the little R2-D2 (13.5 x 10.5 x 10) sucks up any desk debris through a vent in his front third leg (no pun intended) and stores it in an internal canister that is emptied by unscrewing his head (ouch). Priced at $23.39 USD from ToyLand its cheap enough that we can all have a little droid of our own. All we need now is a C-3PO in an apron to push him around.

Reference: Toyland R2-D2 Vac
Via: SlashGear