The Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch with Mirasol Display…

Qualcomm, makers of the silicon running a world of portable devices is getting into the watches, smart watches to be precise. The makers of SnapDragon have this week announced the release of the Toq smartwatch.

 In a market crowded by big name companies and vapourware galore Qualcomm needs to have one hell of a party trick to ensure success, it does and its call a Mirasol Display. An always on full colour, full frame rate display that looks better when faced with outdoor lighting.

The ticless Toq smartwatch is set for release on December 2, cyber Monday in the states, for that not unsubstantial price of $350 USD, ordered through Qualcomm’s website.

To go with the watch is the pre-requisite app which is only available for Android at the moment, Qualcomm are working on iOS compatibility but don’t expect it before Christmas. The device connects to your pocket full of Android via Bluetooth, accepting and rejecting calls, view text messages and notifications from your phone or tablet.

Highpants-Qualcomm-Toq-blip3It may not have WiFi or a camera but these short comings will not stop the Toq becoming a must have gadget. The thing will stop the Toq from ticking is of course  apps. While Pebble, Sony and Samsung already have numerous developers working on apps Qualcomm till now have just had themselves. At release only a handful of apps will be available, Weather and ETrade are pre-installed.

All of Qualcomm’s low power smarts allow the Toq to last three to four days on a charge. Once the juice gets low a wireless charger is included that brings the watch back to full change in 90 minutes. The battery itself is tucked away in the clasp keeping the watch as slim as possible.

There are no solid buttons present on the watch with the touch screen display taking over user input duties. Tapping and swiping gestures replacing the buttons of old. Tapping below the watch face returns to the home page and to adjust the displays brightness.

Changeable watch faces have never been so cool, but can the Toq become a geek gadget classic? It may not have the power of a retail brand behind it but it does have the most exceptional display technology sitting up front.

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