The Pyro Board, Audio and Fire Mixed at Just the Right Ratio…

The Pyro Board is audio on fire, burning flammable gas to any beat supplied. An incredible fusion of music mixed with the flames of combustion. Real fire really is the greatest music visualization.

Developed by Rubens Tube enthusiasts Fysokshow the hypnotic flames of the Pyro Board dance to the beat of pressure changes caused by sound waves. The sound waves are transmitted through the flammable gas that is being fed into the 2,500 burners on top of the Pyro Board. The resulting pressure patterns in the flowing gas cause the flames to react, changing to the beat or tone sent through the gas.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the visually stunning and most incredible Pyro Board. Keep the volume down for the first half of each clip, the squeal could pop an ear drum. Sit back, relax and remember not to try this at home, fire is always trying to kill us.

Based on the principles of the Rubens Tube, a simple device that normally consists of a simple tube with holes, a gas burner in effect. Fysikshow took this basic principle and cranked it right up. Instead of a simple one dimensional tube the Pyro Board has both X and Y axis. The results speak for themselves.