The Polaroid IM1836, the First Android Interchangeable Lens Camera…

The road to CES, a journey full of anticipation and excitement for the gadget and electronics lovers of the world. In the build up to the big show website Imaging Resource has scooped up a nugget of news, Polaroid it seems will have a leading edge product up its sleeve, an Android camera with interchangeable lenses.

Imaging Resource received confirmation this week from Polaroid CEO Scott Hardy that his company will indeed be displaying their brand new Android Camera front and centre at CES in January. Joining the Samsung Galaxy Camera and the Nikon SC800 the IM1836 is part of the latest camera revolution, common open operating system based cameras.

The Polaroid is compact thanks to the mirrorless design, similar in many ways to the current generation micro four-third interchangeable lens camera’s (ILC), competition not to be taken lightly. Competing against the Sony NEX family, Olympus OMD, Canon EOS G and Panasonic GX1 will require aggressive pricing and a complete feature list.


The rumoured features of the IM1836 get proceedings off to a good start; 18.1 megapixel sensor, 3.5 inch touchscreen display, pop-up flash, built in Wi-Fi and both headphone and HDMI outputs. HD video capture is also mentioned in a number of rumours.

The shift to Android based photography has only just begun, bringing the advantages smartphone photography to cameras with impressive imaging capabilities will change mainstream photography forever. What you do with the photo after its taken is now every bit as important as the image itself, Android is creating the connected camera.

Reference: Imaging Resource